Realmscape Objective Set (Age Of Sigmar)


This Realmscape Objective Set represents settlements of the Dawnbringer Crusades both in pristine condition and states of disrepair. Use these exquisitely detailed objectives in your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar!

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Realmscape Objective Set contains six detailed objectives, all representing settlements that were set up by the Dawnbringer Crusades. These can be added to you games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar!

Dawnbringer Crusades are military expeditions seeking to settle across the Mortal Realms and grow the realm of Order. Many survived to establish military camps for the forces of Order, with more growing into communities. However, some were taken other by the violent forces of Destruction and now the realm of Ghur has been left cluttered by what was a hopeful expedition. Future crusades often travel to these ruins and seek answers for the death of their ancestors or perhaps just to reclaim their lost possessions.

Add six highly detailed objectives to your Warhammer Age of Sigmar games with this Realmscape Objective Set. Each of the markers have been wonderfully sculpted to represent certain elements of the settlements that were set up by the Dawnbringer Crusades, some in their original condition and others in a state of neglect. These objectives can be used on any type of terrain but are more suited to battles that are set upon Ghurish Expanse gaming boards.

Realmscape Objective Set Components

Find the full list of components for six detailed objectives below:

  • Plastic Components x28
  • Citadel 50m Round Bases x3
  • 75mm Oval Base
  • 90mm Oval Base
  • 80mm Round Base

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