Rattachak’s Doom Coven: Broken Realms


Here is your chance to use fire and lightning to destroy your enemies! Rattachak’s Doom-Coven contains 5 miniatures from the Skaven army who fight for the Grand Alliance of Chaos!

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Rattachak’s Doom-Coven consists of one Warlock Bombardier, three Stormfiends and one Warp Lightning Cannon.

Warlock Bombardier are warlocks that specialise in long-ranged weapons. Using magical abilities they are able to unleash warp lightning and devastate their enemies from a distance. Armed with a doomrocket, the warp lightning will travel through and cause great devastation when crashing into the ground.

Stormfiends are highly dangerous Rat Ogres protected by Light Armour or Warpstone-laced Armour. Each of the beasts come equipped with weaponry such as Grinderfists, Windlaunchers and Ratling Cannons to guide them through battle. Created by a combination of bio-engineering and techno-magic, these monstrosities are unstoppable and the greatest the Under-Empire has to offer.

Warp Lighting Cannon is a machine that generates energy for warp-lightning. Once fired, the energy will cause huge destruction marked by a greenish vapour. Unfortunately, due to poor manufacturing the machine is unreliable and has been known to blow up if the energy is not contained properly, so be warned!

Skaven are known as rat-men who reside in caves, sewers and mines across the Mortal Realms. The creatures have built an empire of their kind deep below the earth to continue growing their legions and become superior to all other races. Skaven worship the Horned Rat out of fear that he will devour them instead of the enemy if they do not reach expectations. Every Skaven is capable of fighting and will use their sharp teeth and claws in battle.

Rattachak’s Doom-Coven Components

Assemble Rattachak’s Doom-Coven with the following components:

  • 160x Plastic Components
  • 3x Citadel 60mm Round Bases
  • Citadel 32mm Round Base
  • Citadel Large Oval Base

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar


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