Questoris Knights: Adeptus Titanicus


Expand your games of Adeptus Titanicus with three Questoris Knights! The detailed models recreate the features of similar Warhammer 40k models and are armed with a variety of weaponry for any battlefield role.

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This Questoris Knights kit contains the components to assemble three Knights to use in games of Adeptus Titanicus. The Knights are armed with a huge variety of weapons including thunderstrike gauntlets for close combats as well as alternate heads. Each weapon allows you to use your Knights differently throughout battle, such as stripping the shields from enemy titans and closing in on might-god machines. Amongst the most terrifying assets in the galaxy, the Questoris act as scouts and skirmishers for the larger kin. Each one are commanded by a single scion and are well equipped with fearsome weaponry and shimmering shields.

Adeptus Titanicus plays in a Warhammer 40k setting throughout the Horus Heresy. Two or more players will compete and relive the epic moments and battles of the Horus Heresy. Go up against towering war machines and destroy the enemy with earth-shattering weaponry to claim your win!

Find the rules for the Questoris Knights in the Adeptus Titanicus Rules Set.

Questoris Knights Components

Find the full list of components for Questoris Knights below:

  • Rapid Fire Battlecannon with Heavy Stubber
  • Thermal Cannon
  • Avenger Gatling Cannon
  • Left-handed Thunderstrike Gauntlet x3
  • Right-handed Thunderstrike Gauntlet x3
  • Rocket Pod x3
  • Reaper Chainsword x3
  • Heavy Stubber x3
  • Meltagun x3
  • Heads x6
  • Tilting Plates x3
  • Citadel 40mm Round Bases x3
  • Decal Sheet Featuring Heraldry for Houses Makabius, Vyronii, Malinax and Coldshroud

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