Pteraxii (Adeptus Mechanicus)


  • A Fast Attack choice for the Adeptus Mechanicus
  • Can be assembled as:
  • Pteraxii Sterylizors – Swift-winged jump infantry that unleash devastating gouts of flame with their phosphor torches
  • Pteraxii Skystalkers – Fast jump infantry that hail a storm of bullets with their flechette blasters

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One of many specialised castes of cyborg warriors available to the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Pteraxii are optimised for instinctive reaction and agility. Pteraxii’s reflexes are accentuated by paring back elements of cogitation that impede their primary function. Implanted with additional limbstumps – scapuli superior – on their back, a flight pack of thrusters and reactive life surfaces is connected to them. The flight packs become part of the Pteraxii, who serve in several roles. Sterylizors are honed for aggression, and their legs end in vicious, spur-like talons. They scour cavernous forge temples free of technosites and cyblight infestations, and Tech-Priests do not hesitate to turn the Sterylizors’ phosphor torches on intelligent adversaries.

This kit can alternatively be used to build a unit of Pteraxii Skystalkers or Sterylizors , meaning that regardless of which unit you assemble, you’ll end up with plenty of spare components for customising your collection.

This kit is supplied in 115 plastic components and is supplied with 5 Citadel 40mm Round Bases and flying stems. Also included is an Adeptus Mechanicus transfer sheet.

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