Primaris Chaplain On Bike


The Primaris Chaplain On Bike is a HQ choice for the Space Marines. The bike offers added speed and you can inspire fellow warriors with this incredible miniature!

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This kit contains all the components necessary to assemble the Primaris Chaplain On Bike, able to keep pace with the swiftest armoured advance. He will encourage his brothers to fight in such action by bellowing his catechisms and charging towards the foe, with his crozius arcanum swinging.

All Space Marines players know the true value of a Chaplain and they are able to keep pace with even the fastest elements of your army. This miniature is the ideal accompaniment to your Outriders or Incursors!

Primaris Chaplain On Bike Components

Find the full list of components below:

  • Plastic Components x33
  • 90mm Oval Base
  • Primaris Character Transfer Sheet
  • Weapons
  • Helmeted Heads
  • Unhelmeted Heads

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Warhammer 40k


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