Potion Explosion (2nd Edition)


It’s the final exams for the Potions class! Collect and experiment with ingredients to mix your potions and compete to win student of the year!

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Potion Explosion is a game where 2-4 players aged 8 years and over will mix and drink potions to become student of the year. Players will need to complete their potions using the marbles they have collected and drink them to let the real magic begin!

Try not to race, as potion powers need to be used at the right time to be effective. The more potions a player is able to complete, the more powers they will have to use. Points are scored for potions and the player with the most wins the game!

Potion Explosion Gameplay

Find an overview on how to play Potion Explosion below:

  1. On your turn, choose an ingredient marble from the dispenser.
  2. During your turn you can also drink a completed potion or ask for help from the professor.
  3. If two marbles of the same marble collide they will explode.
  4. Take all of the exploding ingredients.
  5. Place the ingredients on the matching empty holes found on any potion tiles.
  6. Place the ingredient marbles in the small retort flask.
  7. Once all the holes have been filled a potion has been completed.
  8. Put the marbles back into the dispenser and flip the potion tile.
  9. Drink potions to activate their magical effects.
  10. To refill the dispenser simply roll the marbles onto the lid and fill all the slide tracks.
  11. Discard any marbles left in your hand once the pool is full.
  12. Less than two potion tiles means you must draw new potions and place them on the Bunsen burners.
  13. If the countdown stack is out of skill tokens or potion tiles have ran out, the game will end.
  14. Players will need to add up their points and subtract two points for every help token they have.
  15. The player with the most points wins!
  16. In the event of a tie, both players will try and trigger an explosion and the player with the most marbles wins.

Game Components

The full list of game components for Potion Explosion will be in a list below:

  • Dispenser
  • 80x Ingredient Marbles
  • 64x Potion Tiles
  • 15x Skill Tokens
  • 21x Little Help Tokens
  • First Player Token
  • 4x Desk Boards

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