Pokemon TCG: My First Battle – Bulbasaur vs Pikachu / Charmander vs Squirtle

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It’s never too early to become a Pokémon Trainer! Unveiled for the first time at Sweet Suite, the all-new Pokémon TCG My First Battle offers young Trainers the classic Pokémon TCG experience through fast and fun decks with simplified rules specially designed for beginners that give the entire family a chance to get in on the fun. A great gift for the holidays, kids will learn the fundamentals of the iconic game, preparing them for a full battle when they’re ready! From learning the difference between Active and Benched Pokémon, how to attack and do damage, how to Knock Out your opponent’s Pokémon, how to evolve, and more, My First Battle is the perfect introduction for Trainers eager to get in on the Pokémon TCG fun.

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