Pictopia: Harry Potter Edition


Discover the world of Harry Potter and the beloved characters and creatures associated in this family game of Pictopia. Players must work together as a team and showcase their knowledge on everything Harry Potter!

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Pictopia: Harry Potter is a game where 2-6 players aged 7 years and over will work together and individually to answer a series of questions. Players will earn points based on their answers in a competitive twist depending on how well you know the pictures provided before the question is read out loud.

Pictopia: Harry Potter is the perfect family game for all fans of Harry Potter and gives the perfect opportunity to show off your knowledge of the characters, locations, objects and more. Players who answer the final challenge correctly win the game!

Pictopia: Harry Potter Gameplay

A simplified version of how to play Pictopia: Harry Potter will be found below:

  1. To begin the game, the chosen host will roll the die and move an equal amount of spaces.
  2. Each space represents a question found on the cards, before the question is asked all other players will look at the pictures and place a wager coin representing the number of spaces they will advance if answered correctly.
  3. Once all coins have been places, the question will be read out loud.
  4. For group questions, all players other than the host will work together to answer it.
  5. Individual questions are answered using answer dials.
  6. The host will then reveal the answer to the group.
  7. If a player has answered correctly, they will advance their mover.
  8. If a player answers incorrectly, they do not advance.
  9. The next player will now become the host and start another round.
  10. In the event of a player running out of wager coins, all players get to take from the discard pile.
  11. To end the game players on the castle space must perform the final challenge.
  12. A player who is not located on the castle space will read the question out loud.
  13. The players will then use their answer dials to choose their answer.
  14. When every player is ready they will flip over their dial to reveal their answer.
  15. Those who answered correctly win the game!

Game Components

The full list of game components for Pictopia: Harry Potter are below:

  • Game Board
  • 200 Cards
  • 6 Answer Dials
  • 30 Prophecy Coins
  • 6 Movers
  • 1 Die
  • Instructions

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