Peloton: Flamme Rouge Expansion


Peloton is the first ever expansion pack for the Flamme Rogue award-winning game. Introduce more breakaways, cobblestones and cyclists as you control one rider and race to the finish line!

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Peloton is an expansion pack for Flamme Rogue where 1-12 players aged 8 years and over will introduce more cyclists to their race. This expansion offers a chase group of four riders which means the base game will allow for up to six players.

Flamme Rouge takes place in the 20th century world of incredible bicycle racing. Command your team and race around tight custom tracks to fight for glory or endure a crushing defeat. Be strategic as the use of slip streaming and getting behind your opponents will give you an advantage as you save your energy for the sprint to the finish line!

Peloton offers solo play and the option for up to twelve players with each controlling just one rider.

Peloton Gameplay

Flamme Rouge is a bicycle racing game that requires each player to control two riders known as a Rouleur and Sprinteur. The goal of the game is to cross the finish line first a rider.

Players will move their riders by drawing and playing cards found in the rider specific deck. Remember to use slipstreams and position your team well for the win.

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Peloton below:

  • Player Boards x2
  • Cyclist Models x4
  • Track tiles x9
  • Energy Cards x60
  • Exhaustion Cards x30
  • Stage Cards x6
  • Reference Cards x2
  • Muscle Team Cards x6
  • Peloton Attack Cards x2
  • Rules

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Game Length

Medium (30-90 mins)




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