Paragon Warsuits (Adepta Sororitas)


Introduce elite fighters to your Adepta Sororitas army and enter Warhammer 40k battles with incredible Paragon Warsuits. Choose from multiple weapons and fight against all challenges on the battlefield with great protection!

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Paragon Warsuits are saved for the privileged only and require a pilot with great skill and faith to work effectively. The machines thick armour will protect the pilot from harm as they tackle any challenge they come across on the battlefield. Warsuits carry heavy firepower and close-combat weapons with a choice of either a sword or mace. Those capable of mastering the art will be able to go up against some of the largest foes of the Imperium and win victory.

Warhammer 40k Adepta Sororitas, also known as Sisters of Battle, are female warriors dedicated to the God-Emperor of Mankind. They are divided into Holy Orders and will be heard loudly proclaiming their faith in hymn as they march to war. Their four main divisions are known as Orders Militant, Orders Famulous, Orders Hospitaller and Orders Dialogous. The sisters of battle will transfer between these orders when injured or becoming old with age. Armed with a wide array of lethal weapons, the Sororitas are greatly feared and considered to be some of the Imperium’s finest warriors.

Equip your Paragon Warsuits with three different ranged weapons, two different melee weapons, two different carapace weapons and either helmeted or unhelmeted head options.

Paragon Warsuits Components

Assemble the Warsuits with the following components:

  • 179x Plastic Components
  • 3x Citadel 50mm Round Bases


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