Pandemic Rising Tide


The growing threat of floods in the Netherlands requires a new system to avert tragedy. Players must build four new hydraulic systems and save the Dutch people for many generations to come!

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Pandemic Rising Tide is a cooperative board game where 2-5 players aged 8 years and over will build pumps and dikes in attempt to protect the Netherlands from flooding.

Set in the Industrial Age in the Netherlands, the North Sea threatens to flood as the system is no longer able to protect the country. It is the players responsibility to avert tragedy and construct new hydraulic structures to contain the water!

Pandemic Rising Tide Gameplay

In games of Pandemic Rising Tide players are a team of Dutch civil officials who are helping to modernise water containment systems. The aim of the game is to build four hydraulic structures to ensure the safety of all Dutch people for many generations to come.

However, to do this players must first buy themselves time by building dikes in order to control water flow, windmills to pump out water and ports to facilitate travel. Proceed with caution, as a single misstep will send water flooding the countryside. Remember to choose your actions carefully and work as a team to succeed!

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Pandemic Rising Tide below:

  • Ports x5
  • Pumping Station x5
  • Population Cubes x36
  • Water Cubes x36
  • Dikes x50
  • Summary Card / Population Loss Card
  • Objective Cards x12
  • Reference Cards x5
  • Reminder Marker
  • Dike Failure Cards x56
  • Sea Level Marker
  • Player cards x78
  • Hydraulic Structure Tokens x4
  • Role cards x7
  • Pawns x7
  • Game Board
  • Rulebook

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