Pandemic Rapid Response


Race against time and make important deliveries across the world in Pandemic Rapid Response! This quick-paced game makes you responsible for providing the world with necessary supplies including food, water and vaccines!

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Pandemic Rapid Response is a cooperative game where 2-4 players aged 8 years or over will manage the response to viral threats. Cities all around the world are in need of water, food and vaccines with it being your job to provide them.

The diverse crew each have seven unique role cards featuring special abilities.  For example, The Analyst Adjoua Soro will re-roll dice up to two extra times. Players will need to take turns as quickly by using unique abilities and good strategy to be as efficient as possible.

Feeling ready for a challenge? Adjust the difficulty level of the game and add crisis cards for greater obstacles to overcome. Make sure to hurry, as the timer is already counting down!

Pandemic Rapid Response Gameplay

Start the game by rolling the dice to gain various actions. Using icons players will move into adjacent rooms and can also move planes with the plane icon.

Each and every player will get equal opportunities to be involved thanks the turn like structure. Multiple players will contribute to machines, so decide whether your efforts should be spent helping or doing else. Once a city has been completed players are rewarded with extra time and can include challenge cards for extra difficulty.

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Pandemic Rapid Response below:

  • Dice x24
  • Supply Crates x20
  • Player Pawns x4
  • Plane with Stand
  • City Cards x24
  • Role Cards x7
  • Reference Cards x4
  • Crisis Cards x15
  • Plane Board
  • Sand Timer
  • Time Tokens x9
  • Waste Marker
  • Rulebook

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