Pandemic: On The Brink Expansion


Introduce new content to your original game of Pandemic with this expansion pack. The specialist team will get back together once more with another three challenges added to increase difficulty.

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Pandemic: On The Brink is a co-operative game for 2-4 players aged 8 years or over. Players will take on the roles of fighting specialists, all with unique skills required to find the cure. Work together as a team to figure out the best strategy to rid of the diseases and track infections. If players succeed in curing all four diseases they win the game. However, failure means humanity will have to suffer with no hope of survival.

Pandemic: On The Brink bring new challenges and roles to bring more adventure to the game. As well as an increase in difficulty, the expansion pack brings along new event cards and three specific challenges. The Virulent Strain introduces the ability for one disease to become deadly in unpredictable ways. The Mutation challenge adds yet another disease that features more anger and The Bio-Terrorist will pit a player against all others making the infections harder to control.

Pandemic: On The Brink Gameplay

A simplified version on how to play Pandemic: On The Brink will be found below:

  1. Players begin the game with the choice of four actions including curing, treating, sharing, building and moving.
  2. Cure actions can be used at a research station, players will need to discard five cards of the same colour to cure.
  3. Treat actions allows players to remove a disease cube located within the city they are currently in.
  4. Sharing cards involves giving or taking cards from other players.
  5. Build research stations within a city by discarding the corresponding card.
  6. Move actions apply to adjacent spaces, different stations or cities.
  7. After these actions have been used players will draw two cards from the player deck.
  8. Throughout the game players can only have seven cards in their hand and must discard any that go over.
  9. Epidemic cards will also feature throughout the game and cause infection rates to grow.
  10. Outbreaks will occur when all four diseases have entered a city and players will need to place cubes accordingly.
  11. If eight or more outbreaks occur, the game ends and all players lose.
  12. If players cure all four diseases they win!

Game Components

Game components for Pandemic: On The Brink will be in a list below:

  • 7 Role Cards with Matching Pawns
  • 8 Event Cards
  • 8 Epidemic Cards
  • 2 Mutation Cards
  • 3 Mutation Event Cards
  • Green Epidemic Card
  • Reference Card
  • 12 Purple Disease Cubes
  • Disease Wood Marker
  • Purple Cure Indicator Sticker
  • Purple Cure Indicator Card
  • Bio-Terrorist Location Pad
  • 4 Blank Cards
  • 5 Petri Dishes and Labels

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Medium (30-90 mins)


Easy to Play, Moderate


Medical, Sci-Fi

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