Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (Blue)


A virus that first looked easy to handle has taken a turn for the worse and taken the team by surprise. In Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, players will have to fight for the survival of humanity against the deadly virus!

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Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 is a co-operative board game where 2-4 players aged 13 years or over will fight to save humanity from deadly diseases. The virus starts simply and seems like nothing your team can’t handle. However, as the months go by things begin to take a turn for the worse.

This game does not require the original Pandemic board game.

Pandemic Legacy Gameplay

Pandemic Legacy plays in turns where each player will have four available actions. Actions include building structures, treating diseases, trading cards and finding cures. Plays all have unique roles and special abilities which will help them to complete these actions.

Once a player has taken actions of their choice they will draw two cards. This includes epidemic cards, which are used to place disease cubes and cause an outbreak. This will increase panic levels of a city and therefore making them expensive to travel to.

During each month, players will get chances to achieve objectives. If successful, the player will immediately go to the next month.

New rules and components are introduced throughout the game. This will require players to alter the components by writing on cards, ripping up cards, and so on. Characters are able to gain skills and effects during the game, but they may even be lost entirely and no longer able to play.

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Pandemic Legacy below:

  • Game Board
  • Rulebook
  • Role Cards x5
  • Pawns x4
  • City Cards x48
  • Epidemic Cards x5
  • Event Cards x8
  • Reference Cards x4
  • Infection Cards x48
  • Legacy Cards x62
  • Civilian cards x4
  • Dossiers x5
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Cure Markers x4
  • Infection Rate Marker
  • Outbreak Marker
  • Reminder Token
  • Disease Cubes x96
  • Research stations x6

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