Pandemic: In the Lab Expansion


Discover new medical technology to help treat infectious diseases in this Pandemic: In the Lab expansion. Introduce both solo and team play to your mission of solving outbreaks!

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Pandemic: In the Lab expansion brings 1-6 players aged 8 years or over the option of both team and solo play when curing diseases! Just like previous Pandemic expansion packs, In the Lab contains more elements such as a new way to cure diseases.

This expansion brings the Lab Challenge which allows players to contribute together and characterise diseases. With new roles such as Field Director, Local Liaison, Pilot and Virologist your games of Pandemic have just gotten much more entertaining!

Pandemic: In the Lab Gameplay

Pandemic: In the Lab expansion provides players with an extra two variants to shake up the gaming experience. Players will take on diseases in a solo game or by splitting into rival teams.

Race and compete to cure diseases, prevent future outbreaks and gain prestige. Rival teams will still have curing diseases as the ultimate goal but the amount prestige earned throughout the game will determine the winner.

Combine these new components with those in the On the Brink expansion to create a whole new world of possibilities!

Game Components

Find the full list of components below:

  • Role Cards x4
  • Pawns x4
  • Event Cards x3
  • Lab Board
  • Cure Vials x5
  • Sequence Cards x14
  • Revised Role Cards with Lab Abilities x2
  • Lab Actions Reference Cards x5
  • CDC Card
  • Team Research Stations x3
  • Awards x14
  • Goal Cards x8
  • Bonus Cards x10
  • Virulent Strain Epidemic Cards x2
  • Purple Disease Cubes x12
  • Mutation Worldwide Panic Cards x2

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Game Length

Medium (30-90 mins)


Easy to Play


Medical, Sci-Fi

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