Work together in a team and attempt to save humanity from the deadly diseases which threaten the world. The fate of the human population is now in your hands, are you up for the challenge?


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Pandemic is a co-operative game where 2-4 players will take on roles of fighting specialists each with unique skills. Players must work together and figure out the best strategy to fight off the diseases and keep track of infections. Specialist skills will need to be used to the players advantage in order to  prevent the disease from spreading any further.

Teams consist of members known as the Medic, Researcher, Quarantine Specialist, Dispatcher and more all working to defeat the disease. For example, the Medic is able to treat diseases faster than any other player. Keep on top of the infection rates and find cures to win the game. However, if you fail to plan a strategy the world will suffer the fate of all four diseases with no hope of survival.

Pandemic Gameplay

An overview on how to play Pandemic will be found below:

  1. Each player will begin the game with a hand of cards.
  2. Take four actions including curing, treating, sharing, building and moving.
  3. Cure action can be taken at a research station and involves discarding five cards of the same colour.
  4. Treat allows you to remove a disease cube within the city you are currently in.
  5. Share by giving a card to a fellow player or taking a card from them.
  6. Build a research station within the city by discarding the corresponding card.
  7. Move to an adjacent space found on the map, to another station or city.
  8. After taking actions, draw two cards from the player deck.
  9. Players can only have seven cards and will have to discard any over this amount.
  10. An epidemic card causes infections to grow, players must discard this card and move the infection counter accordingly.
  11. Draw the bottom card of the infection deck.
  12. Add three cubes to the city drawn.
  13. Shuffle all discarded cards and add them to the top of the infection deck.
  14. Draw cards equal to the current infection rate.
  15. Place disease cubes of matching colour to the city drawn.
  16. If four cubes are placed on one city an outbreak will occur.
  17. Increase the outbreak track and place a disease cube in adjacent cities.
  18. If players are able to cure all four of the diseases, they win the game.
  19. Players will lose if eight or more outbreaks have occurred.

Game Components

The full list of components for Pandemic are in a list below:

  • Game Board
  • 96 Cubes
  • 7 Pawns
  • 48 Infection Cards
  • 48 City Cards
  • 6 Epidemic Cards
  • 5 Event Cards
  • 4 Reference Cards
  • 4 Cure Markers
  • Infection Rate Marker
  • Outbreak Marker
  • Research Stations

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