Palanite Enforcer Patrol (Necromunda)


Players can now bring justice to the underhive and lay down the law using this Palantice Enforcer Patrol Kit. Assemble 10 models and make them unique with a variety of poses, heads and accessories!

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Palanite Enforcer Patrol are the local law enforcement for Necromunda. Rules aren’t always enough to maintain order, deep in the underhive only violence is able to get the message across. To help them aid them in their role they have a range of impressive weaponry including autopistols, shotguns, boltguns, sniper rifles, stub guns and shock batons.

Warhammer 40k Necromunda is a tabletop war game where players take control of rival gangs as they battle each other in the crime-ridden Underhive. This is a place of violence found in the depths below the Hive City where many will live and work without ever witnessing daylight. The Hive is well represented through a 3D tabletop layout that features both multi-story building and bridges to make it more realistic.

This kit contains the components to assemble 10 Palanite Enforcers that can be designed using the huge amount of options provided so each model is unique.

Find the rules for using a Patrol in The Book of Judgement.

Palanite Enforcer Patrol Components

Find the full list of components for Palanite Enforcer Patrol below:

  • Enforcer Shotguns x6
  • Enforcer Boltguns x6
  • Autopistols x12
  • Stub Guns x6
  • Stub Guns with Flashlights x2
  • Sniper Rifles x2
  • Shock Batons x2
  • Concussion Carbines x2
  • Magnacles x2
  • Heads x12
  • Components x156
  • 25mm Necromunda Bases x10
  • Palanite Enforcer Patrol Transfer Sheet

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