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Are you a Pizza lover? P for Pizza is the game for you! Big Potato Games has you covered with this quick-thinking family word game. Build your very own pizza to compete against each other in the race to become the pizza champion!

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P for Pizza Game serves 2-4 players with the aim being to collect nine pizza cards and create your own cheesy pizza slice.  Each card has three categories ranging in levels of difficulty. Green categories are easy, yellow are medium and red are hard. Make sure you are the first to shout out a word that matches the category displaced to earn a card for your pizza pyramid. If you answered from the easy green category, your card can only on the bottom level of your pizza. If you answered from the medium yellow category, your cards go on the bottom or middle level. Answers from the hard red category can go anywhere you like! When building you pizza slice, it must be in the correct order for you to win.

P for Pizza Board Game is designed for players aged 10 years or older so prepare for some shouting in the heat of the moment while the race is on to build your pizza slice. We suggest you get this pizza while it is still hot and tuck right in! Though if you are hungry, we would highly recommend eating a real pizza while playing the game.

P for Pizza Gameplay

Build your giant pizza following the rules provided:

  1. Place your pizza cards on the table, category side facing up.
  2. Flip over the top three cards and place them facing downwards.
  3. Remove the top pizza card to start the game.
  4. Players must think of a word that connects the category to the adjacent letter.
  5. First player to shout out a correct answer wins the card.
  6. Take the top card and place it in the now empty space.
  7. Carry on until you have built your pizza!

Game Components

Fancy some pizza on the go? Travel easy with the P for Pizza Game as the only components you will need are:

  • 120 Cards

How to Play P for Pizza

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