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This Orks Gretchin Kit contains all the components necessary to assemble 10 Gretchin as well as a Ork Runtherd! Including Round Bases, Gretchin Head Variants, Runtherd Head Variants and so much more.


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The Orks Gretchin make up for their lack of quality by their sheer quantity. However, the incompetence of the Gretchin race does not deny them the arts of war, as the usual Grot would rather have his head buried in a sporehole than actively participate in battle.

Warhammer 40k Orks, also known as greenskins, are a hideous and animalistic species that spread fast like the plague across the Galaxy. This dangerous race are violent and what they may lack in both conventional technology and intelligence is soon made up for by their brute strength and unpredictability!

Orks also have been known to battle between themselves the same way they do with other races. If all Orks could unite they would certainly manage to crush all their enemies through just sheer numbers and braun. The thrill of the fight is exactly what they live for and if carefully organised the galaxy will certainly quiver.

This kit comes with a variety of head options, allowing you to assemble each Gretchin in a completely different and unique pose.  We highly recommend using the Citadel Colour System to unleash your creativity on this mob of Orks. Discover the incredible range of paints which have been designed specifically for your Warhammer needs and make your miniatures entirely unique. Once primed and ready, introduce the mob to the incredible games of Warhammer 40k!

Orks Gretchin Components

Find the full list of components for Orks Gretchin below:

  • Multi-Part Plastic Gretchin x10
  • Multi-Part Plastic Ork Runtherd
  • Gretchin Head Variants x12
  • Runtherd Head Variants x2
  • 32mm Round Base
  • 25mm Round Base x10

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