Orks Deffkoptas


These Orks Deffkoptas are a great fast attack option for any Orks army! This incredible kit features three Deffkoptas ready to harass their enemies from above using their incredible range of weaponry.


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This Orks Deffkoptas kit contains the components to build three fast vehicles featuring all sorts of crude ork weaponry. These airborne brutes will harrass their enemies using high-powered explosions, before using both hand weapons and deadly rotor blades to destroy their foes. Two Deffkoptas will be armed with kopta rokkits, spinning blades, a slugga, and stikkbombs, while the third is armed with a kopta rokkitz for a kustom mega-blasta and a big bomb.

Most Orks usually prefer to go to war with their feet firmly on the ground. However, the Deffkopta pilots are one of very few exceptions, hurtling into the sky to chase the enemy forces! Orks are also known to battle between themselves as much as they do with other races. If they united they would certainly be able to crush their enemies through sheer numbers and braun. The thrill of the fight is what they live for and when they organise briefly under a mighty WAAAGH! the galaxy quivers.

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Orks Deffkoptas Components

Find the full list of components below:

  • Plastic Components x37
  • Citadel 75mm Oval Bases x3

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