One Night Ultimate Werewolf


One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a bluffing card game that includes a variety of roles. Be careful with your actions as only one team can win this fast-paced game!

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One Night Ultimate Werewolf is all about competition as the villagers attempt to slay the werewolves. For 3-10 players aged 8 years and over, this 10-minute game that can be combined with One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak.

Throughout the two phases of night and day players will have to try and figure out who is on each team. Villagers will win the game by successfully slaying a werewolf. However, if the werewolf avoids capture their team wins instead!

One Night Ultimate Werewolf Gameplay

Download the app and follow our guide to play the One Night Ultimate Werewolf game:

  1. Players must agree on a selection of roles equal to three more than the number of players.
  2. Turn the cards chosen face down and shuffle them.
  3. Each player takes a role card and looks at what they have picked.
  4. Leave the three unclaimed cards in the middle of the playing area.
  5. Each player will then place their role card pointing towards them in a circle.
  6. All players will now close their eyes to begin the night phase.
  7. Players only fulfil the night action when the narrator or app calls their role.
  8. When the night phase ends, all players will open their eyes.
  9. Now begin the debate over who is a villager, who is a werewolf and who might be something else.
  10. Players on the werewolf team lie to protect their identities and villagers may lie so other players give up information.
  11. The day phase ends when the timer runs out, or the group agrees to a vote.
  12. To vote, each player points their finger in the air and then simultaneously points at another player.
  13. The players with the most pointed fingers at them will be killed. They will then have to reveal their roles.
  14. If a werewolf has been killed, the villagers win. If only the humans have been killed, the werewolf team wins. However, if Tanner gets shot, he wins the game.

Game Components

  • 16 Character Tiles
  • 16 Character Tokens
  • Rulebook

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