One Night Revolution


From the makers of One Night Ultimate Werewolf, we have a fast paced game full of secret identities. Re-enter the universe and figure out who is playing the roles of government informants!

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One Night Revolution is a social game for 3-10 players aged 14 years or over. Players will receive ID tokens revealing their roles as either rebel fighters or government informants. Taking place in a single round, rebels are trying to identify who is playing as an informant to win the game. However, nobody has to be entirely truthful about their identification.

If any informants exist during the game, they will reveal themselves to each other during the night. All players will complete their specialist actions in secret in a clockwise order, actions could be anything such as switching roles and gathering information. At the end of the game, if the rebels catch out an informant they will win the game. On the other hand, if the rebels fail to reveal an informant then they will win instead!

One Night Revolution Gameplay

Below you can find a brief overview on how to play One Night Revolution:

  1. All players must look at their ID and Specialist and the controller will check whether they know this by asking them to open or close their eyes.
  2. While everyone’s eyes are shut, all players must complete their actions and tell the rest of the group when they are done.
  3. Players can now all open their eyes and the informants and rebels will take their actions.
  4. Each player must now take a specialist token, they do not have to discuss what token they chose.
  5. Without having to be truthful, all players will now openly discuss their starting roles.
  6. To win the game rebel players need to identify an informant and the informants need to remain secret.
  7. Players may flip any tokens belonging to those they believe to be informants.
  8. A vote will commence and players must all point to who they believe is the informant.
  9. The person who receives the most votes must reveal their ID and stop playing the game.
  10. If the Informant has been revealed, the rebel players win. If no Informant is revealed, then they win.

Game Components

The game components for One Night Revolution are in a list below:

  • 13 ID Tokens
  • 16 Specialist Cards
  • 16 Specialist Tokens
  • 10 Player Reference Cards
  • Controller Token
  • HQ Tableau

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