Noctilith Crown (Chaos Space Marines)


Shield your units from harm with this Noctilith Crown structure. Enhance the magical powers of Chaos Psykers or create your own Chaos-themes battlefields with this multipark plastic kit!



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This multipart plastic kit contains the components to build the Noctilith Crown. This towering structure is an incredible piece which will tie your collection together. The structure featuring the techno-baroque aesthetic which is shared by all of the Chaos Space Marines, you can use your new addition as a Fortification or you can even grab several kits and build Chaos-themed battlefields!

Noctilith Crowns are brutal and large constructions raised up by the Chaos Space Marines faction to weaken the foundations of reality. Crafted from the mysterious material Blackstone, these psychic systems thin the veil to deadly effect. The Warp energies will affect non-psykers when they are within range, assaulting them with many nightmarish visions. The presence of these devices can result in the population within close range to get both dreams and nightmares which will begin to turn into reality as Warp-gheists.

This dedicated Chaos army Fortification will protect your troops with a shield of energy, making long-ranged warriors such as Havocs and Obliterators difficult to displace. The Chaos Psykers will be able to re-roll any failed Psychic tests, allowing you to try and master the Psychic phase while all your foes will now have to worry about the increased risk of suffering from the Perils of the Warp!

Noctilith Crown Components

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  • Plastic Components x24

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