Tomb Blades


They Tomb Blades are surprisingly fast and incredibly evasive Necron craft, able to fly and take extra shields. These miniatures are armed with a choice of gauss blasters, tesla carbines, or particle beamers!

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Tomb Blades will often operate ahead of the army, striking at the lightly defended positions, supplying convoys and any other targets of opportunity. Such as the Tomb Blade’s unpredictable advance where the piercing whine of its dimensional repulsors is the only clue to its approach. Astute enemies will dive for any possible cover they can find, while others disintegrate as the air around them turns into a blaze of unstable energy.

Tomb Blades are a great unit for taking out your foe’s most irritating units. Those who fight against your Necron army believe them to be an implacable wall of metal that advances across the battlefield. They will be pretty surprised when a wave of razor-sharp and fast-moving Tomb Blades appear from the sky and destroy their troops using concentrated tesla fire!

Tomb Blades Components

Find the full list of components below:

  • Plastic Components x162
  • Small Flying Stems x2
  • Long Flying Stems x3
  • Small Flying Bases x3
  • Necron Transfer Sheets x2

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