Van Saar Gang (Necromunda)


Van Saar Gang contains a set of 10 gangers to use in games of Necromunda: Underhive. Including many options with weapon and head variants so that you can get creative and make a unique army!

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Van Saar Gang belong to the technological powerhouse of Necromunda, House Van Saar. Van Saars are known for their finest weapons and wargear which is superior to all the other houses. However, the flaws in their understanding of technology puts them at risk of radiation which will slowly kill them from within.

Necromunda is a tabletop war game that allows players to control gangs in the crime-ridden Underhive. Fight within the heavily polluted environments and gain experience, members and equipment as you play. The hive world features the factories and mines that were founded during the Dark Age of Technology. This planet hosts the oldest undercities full of violence, and gangs will fight until death without the chance to ever witness daylight.

This set contains the components to assemble your very own Van Saar Gang to use in Necormunda: Underhive. The 10 plastic miniatures have a huge amount of variety and options so they are completely unique!

Rules for the Van Saar Gang will be found in Gang War 3.

Van Saar Gang Components

Find the full list of components below:

  • Bodies x10 – Featuring 5 Designs and Armoured Bodygloves.
  • Body 1 – Option of a Lasgun and Power Knife or Suppression Laser
  • Body 2 – Option of a Plasma Gun and Stock Stave or Rad Cannon
  • Body 3 – Option of a Lascarbine or Lasgun
  • Body 4 – Option of a Combi Weapon and Hrystrar Pattern Energy Shield or Lasgun
  • Body 5 – Option of 2 Plasma Pistols or 2 Laspistols
  • Heads x20 – Featuring 12 Bare and 8 Helmeted
  • Pairs of Shoulder Pads x10
  • Equipment – Grenades and Pouches for Details
  • 25mm Round Bases x10

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