Necromunda: Orlock Weapons Upgrades


Expand your House Orlock with a huge range of accessories and weapons. Including Alternate Heads, Plasma Pistols, Bolt Pistols and so much more!


Available to Backorder (Stock expected in 5-10 days)


Orlock Weapons Upgrades Components

Find the full list of components below:

  • Meltagun x2
  • Plasma Gun x2
  • Boltgun x2
  • Flamer x2
  • Grenade Launcher x2
  • Shotgun x2
  • Two-handed Hammer x2
  • Heavy Bolter/Heavy Flamer x2
  • Hand Flamer x2
  • Maul x2
  • Chainsword x2
  • Bolt Pistol Left Hand x2
  • Bolt Pistol Right Hand x2
  • Plasma Pistol Left Hand x2
  • Plasma Pistol Right Hand x2
  • Alternative Heads x10

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