Orlock Gang (Necromunda)


Get creative and assemble your vey own Orlock gang to use in Necromunda: Underhive. This set includes 10 plastic miniatures, all designed to provide you with variety and options so that every gang can be unique!

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Orlock Gang are members of the House of Iron and are responsible for production of iron in Hive Primus. They are known for their tough and fearless fighters which have a longstanding rivalry with the House Delaque after sabotaging one of their factories. However, they are on very good terms with House Escher as they treat women well compared to other houses.

Necromunda is a tabletop war game which allows players to control gangs within the crime-ridden Underhive. Players will gain experience, members and equipment by fighting against their opponents in the heavily polluted environments.

The planet is a hive world consisting of factories and mines which were founded during the Dark Age of Technology. Full of violence, the planet hosts the oldest undercities where gangs will fight until their death without ever witnessing daylight. Necromunda is played using a 3D tabletop layout that resembles the Hive City and features multiple story buildings.

Orlock Gang Components

Find the components for Orlock Gang below:

  • 25mm Round Bases x10
  • Bodies x10 – Featuring 5 Unique Designs and Furnace Plate Armour
  • Heads x20 – Featuring 10 Unique Designs, Photo-Goggles, Respirator Masks and Bandanas
  • Sets of Shoulder Pads x10 – Featuring 5 Unique Designs
  • Weapons x49 – Including a Set of Blasting Charges, 10 Sets of Frag and Krak Grenades, 4 Autoguns, 2 Servoclaws, 2 Sawn-off Shotguns, 8 Stub Guns, 6 Combat Shotguns, 6 Drum Fed Autopistols, 2 Heavy Stubbers, 6 Fighting Knives and 2 Harpoon Launchers

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