Hive Scum


Strengthen your gangs with these four Hive Scum miniatures or plot your revenge on major Houses of the Hive with an entire Outcast Gang. Miniatures are all armed with ramshackle weapons to help out the rest of your army by forming a gang of their own or joining house gangs.

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Hive Scum are extremely easy to find and are often hired by established gangs in need of cheap bodies. They can also be found in fully fledged Outcasts gangs who go against the legendary Houses in a fight for territory, loot and more. Outcast Gangs of Necromunda are usually made up from the dregs of underhive society. These individuals will have freed themselves from social constraints in order to freely walk a dangerous and often short-lived path of nothing but risks and rewards.

Warhammer Necromunda is a tabletop war game where players will control gangs battling in the crime-ridden Underhive. The planet of Necromunda is a hive world of factories and mines founded during the Dark Age of Technology. This planet hosts the oldest undercities where they fight until death without ever witnessing daylight. Necromunda is played in a setting that resembles the hive city with a 3D tabletop layout including multiple story buildings and bridges!

We highly recommend using both the Citadel Plastic Glue and Colour System to assemble and bring your miniatures to life!

Hive Scum Components

Find the full list of components below:

  • Components x32 – Assembles 4 Hive Scum
  • Citadel 25mm Necromunda Round Bases x4
  • Weapons x1
  • Heads x8

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