Book Of The Outcast: Necromunda


Necromunda: Book of the Outcast is a 136-page book packed full with rules for gang tactics, Hangers-on, Gang Strongholds, Outcast scenarios and so much more!

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Expand your games of Necromunda with this Book Of The Outcast, containing a wealth of rules to add more variety and excitement to your battles within the underhive. This book allows you to explore the hive city’s badzones, expand your territory and enlist the aid of the Dramatis Personae to join your Underhive Outcasts gang.

As low as life may seem as part of the Necromunda’s gangs, there is always a lower level to which the unfortunate souls can fall. These outcasts are hated by the ‘respectable’ denizens of the underhive and will gather together to form gangs of their own, whether for greed, ambition, or simply safety.

This is an expansion to Necromunda and a copy of the Necromunda Rulebook is required to use the contents of this book.

Book Of The Outcast Contents

Find the full list of contents below:

  • Dramatis Personae – Rules for hiring/using
  • Weapon Reference Chart – Includes all weapons/wargear available to outcasts gangs
  • Trading Post – Weapons, armour and equipment available
  • Gang Tactics – Including rules and background for Lady Credo, Rebel Lord
  • Showcase of Miniatures – Battle scenes and alternative colour schemes
  • Outlander Scenarios – Rules for Settlement Raid, Market Mayhem, Stealth Attack, Gunk Tank, Mining Expedition and The Big Score
  • Outlander Campaigns – Build and grow settlements
  • Wyrd Powers – Rules for Wyrd Powers and Force Weapons including Biomancy, Chronomancy, Divination, Pyromancy, Technomancy, Telepathy and Telekinesis
  • Terrain Rules – Rules needed to fight across Underhive Markets, Walls, Gates, Watchtowers and Gunk Tanks
  • Hangers-On and Brutes – Rules for hiring
  • Assembling the Outcasts – Rules to field gang in skirmish and narrative games
  • Outcasts of Necromunda – Background Information on the outcasts gangs

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