Underhive Market: Necromunda


Part of life for all the underhive denizen is a trip to the market to grab essentials such as corpse-starch, bullets, spiced rats and more. This kit allows you to build your very own market and is compatible with existing Zone Mortalis terrain!

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This Necromunda kit contains all the components needed to build your very own Underhive Market with both terrain pieces and accessories, including market stalls, gun racks, storage caskets, and more!

Even within the deadly Zone Mortalis, markets will pop up in the crossfire as both merchants and scroungers desperately attempt to make a quick sale. Full of rare goods and desirable weapons, these markets are frequently at the site of fights between gangs, and the Palanite Enforcers are no stranger to the cover of a stall’s awning.

The planet of Necromunda is a hive world of factories and mines founded during the Dark Age of Technology. This planet hosts the oldest undercities where they fight until death without ever witnessing daylight. Necromunda is played in a setting that resembles the hive city with a 3D tabletop layout including multiple story buildings and bridges.

We highly recommend using the Citadel Plastic Glue and Colour System to assemble and decorate your new set!

Underhive Market Components

Find the full list of components below:

  • Large Market Stalls x2
  • Small Market Stalls x2
  • Horologium x2
  • Gun Racks x2
  • Large Storage Caskets x2
  • Power Units x2
  • Plasma Flasks x2
  • Lockboxes x2
  • Buckets x2
  • Signs x4
  • Mugs x6
  • Mung Vases x2
  • Coin Piles x2

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