Mysterium Hidden Signs Expansion


New signs that were previously hidden have emerged and the mystery of Warwick mansions needs solving once again. Mysterium Hidden Signs Expansion brings new places, suspects and objects to be added to the base game.


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Mysterium Hidden Signs is an expansion for the original Mysterium game for 2-7 players aged 10 years or over. This set will add more variety to your game with new characters, locations, objects and vision cards.

Spiritualists must return yet again to the Warwick mansion as new signs have emerged. Investigate the disturbing visions and finally offer the ghost the peace it deserves.

Mysterium Hidden Signs Gameplay

Mysterium begins with one player taking on the role of the ghost while all other represent a medium. To start the clock, the ghost must recall any suspects that were present on the night of their murder. The ghost player will then randomly assign location and weapon cards in secret to all players.

They will also hand out vision cards to each medium, making sure to refill their hand to seven cards. These will present images and help players make guesses on the suspects.

Once time runs out, the ghost player reveal whether the guesses made are correct or not. If they guessed correctly they will have a go at guessing the location, those who guessed incorrectly will keep their vision cards and try again.

Once the suspect, location and weapon have been correctly guessed, players will receive clairvoyancy points for every hour that remains. However, If mediums fail to answer correctly the mystery remains unsolved.

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Mysterium Hidden Signs below:

  • Psychic Cards x18
  • Vision Cards x42
  • Ghost Cards x18

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