In the game of Mysterium there is a crime to be solved and multiple suspects of murder. One player will take on being the ghost of the victim who will communicate with the rest of the group without speaking. Do you have what it takes to figure out the killer?

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Mysterium is a ghostly game providing for 2-7 players aged 10 years or over to solve the ultimate crime. Go back in time to the 1920’s where Mr. MacDowell has noticed a supernatural being inside his house. Players only have seven hours to communicate with the ghost through actions only and unlock the mystery.

Visions of the ghost are represented through cards including all the ghost can remember from their death. Players will vote on the suspect, murder weapon and location to try and identify the killer. At the end of the game the ghost will reveal where the players have found the true killer and will hopefully rest peacefully, if not you may just have to try again…

Mysterium Gameplay

Below you will find a brief description on how to play Mysterium:

  1. To start the game, the ghost player will draw seven blue image cards and give out a number of these cards to each player.
  2. Flip over the sand timer to indicate how much time players have to look at their cards and discuss.
  3. Players now make the choice of which card they think correspond to the clues and move their markers.
  4. All players will now make bets using tokens on which players they think are correct and which they think are wrong.
  5. The ghost will now tell each player whether they are correct or not using a secret code, such as knocking one for yes and twice for no. Players who are correct will move up the mantle and those who are wrong will move down.
  6. Continue doing this until you have made it to the final showdown.
  7. Each player will now lay out their person, place and weapon for all to see.
  8. Players will now vote for the answer they think is true and the ghost will reveal the correct answer.
  9. If the majority have answered correctly then all players win. If not, then all will lose!

Game Components

Game Components for Mysterium are in a list below:

  • Psychic Cards x54
  • Intuition Tokens x6
  • Sleeves x6
  • Clairvoyance Tokens x36
  • Level Markers x6
  • Clairvoyance Track
  • Progress Boards x4
  • Clock Board
  • Game Screen
  • Vision Cards x84
  • Ghost Cards x54
  • Ghost Tokens x6
  • Culprit x6
  • Crow Markers x3
  • Sand Timer

How to Play Mysterium

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