My First Stone Age


Discover the Stone Age through the eye of children Jono and Jada in this family board game, My First Stone Age consists of gathering and trading resources to build huts and win the game!

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My First Stone Age is a kids game where 2-4 players aged 5 years and over will discover the Stone Age and collect items to build huts. Experience life 10,000 years ago through children Jono and Jada, as well as their friend mammoth known as Martin.

The game consists of gathering and trading resources such as animal teeth, berries, pots, fish and arrowheads. Once the required resources have been collected players can build huts to add to their settlements with the help of the loyal wolfhound, Guff. The first player to successfully build three huts is the winner!

My First Stone Age Gameplay

This stand-alone family game combines elements such as memory and resource gathering so it is accessible to all players. On each turn, players will take actions based on their forest tokens, as soon as a hut has been built flip the tokens back over and then swap two of them.

Make sure to pay close attention as you will need to search for the tokens which will lead you to resources. The winner of the game will go to the player who builds three huts first!

Game Components

Find the full list of game components below:

  • Rulebook
  • Game Board
  • Settlements x4
  • Player Markers x4
  • Player Figures x4
  • Goods x20
  • Hut Tokens x15
  • Dog Tokens x2
  • Forest Tokens x14

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