MTG: Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth Holiday Jumpstart Vol. 2 Booster Pack


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Enter the Legends of Akedo Powerstorm Battle Arena to become the Ultimate Arcade Warrior! This is Next Level Elemental Battling Action. Choose your Warrior, battle with fury and finish them with a Split Strike! – GAME OVER! Challenge your friends in this awesome Battle Arena. This “Arcade Inspired” fighting stage comes with 2 Exclusive Ultra Rare Warriors: Powerstriker Glitchblade and Powerstriker Shreddy Bear! Place them onto their Battle Controllers and let the battle begin! As you fight it out, hear over 35 real battle Sound Effects blast out of the Arena! Choose from 2 different Arena Backgrounds to fight in front of. Use the Scoreboard Sliders at the top of the Arena to keep score. The Akedo Powerstorm Battle Arena works with all Akedo Warriors so you can put on your very own Akedo tournament! Will your Warriors be on the winning team and become Legends of Akedo? But wait! This electronic toy Arena also turns into the Ultimate Akedo Dojo! Switch over to Training Mode and connect the Dojo Training Bag accessory so your Warriors can train and practice the perfect Split Strike.
It’s time for REAL “Next Level” Battling Action!

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