Minecraft Farmers Market Expansion


Expand and continue your Minecraft adventure with the Minecraft Farmers Market Expansion. Grow crops, trade with villagers and build the winning biome as well as keeping an eye out for any mobs coming your way!

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Minecraft Farmers Market Expansion is a game where 2-4 players aged 10 years or over will expand on their Minecraft adventure!

This expansion includes a new way to win the game, by growing vegetables. Vegetable patches will now earn points as players grow crops and buy items from the local villagers. The original rules still apply and players still have the options of different biomes including the desert, forest, mountains and snowy tundra!

Grow crops, trade with villagers and claim unique items to create the new winning biome. This expansion requires the original Minecraft Builders & Biomes game to play.

Minecraft Farmers Market Expansion Gameplay

At the start of the game, vegetable patch tiles will be shuffled among the monster and building tiles. If a player decides to build a vegetable patch they can grow crops and buy items from villagers, such as a Crafting Table. The game will end after the third round and the player with the highest amount experience points is the winner!

Items are only available for so long so make sure to grow your crops quickly and use them wisely!

Game Components

Find the full list of game components below:

  • New Marketplace Board
  • Building Tiles x16
  • Item Tiles x18
  • Farmland Structures x4
  • Vegetable Tokens x32
  • Farm Themed Skins x6
  • Scoring Round Cards x2
  • Turn Action Cards x2
  • Experience Counters x8
  • Instructions

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Game Length

Medium (30-90 mins)


City Building, Fantasy


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