Minecraft Builders & Biomes


Bring Minecraft to life is this board game where players build structures, mine resources, explore the Overworld and more. Throughout the game you will come across the famous Endermen, Creepers and more mobs which players must defeat using their weapons!

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Minecraft Builders & Biomes is a game where 2-4 players aged 10 years and over can experience a real Minecraft adventure. Enjoy continuous fun as the average game lasts around 30-60 minutes and can be played using different strategies each time!

Minecraft Builders & Biomes comes with easy to understand instructions so that gameplay can begin straight away. Points are earned during the three scoring rounds when mining of blocks is completed. Players can choose one of four biomes including the desert, forest, mountains or snowy tundra during the first round. The second and third round contains options of different materials and structures players can use on their boards. The game ends after the third scoring round and the player with the most experience points is the winner!

Minecraft Builders & Biomes Gameplay

Below you will find a simplified version of how to play Minecraft Builders & Biomes:

  1. To begin the game the first player must perform two actions.
  2. Collect blocks by taking two with their top side exposed.
  3. Explore the Overworld by moving characters and revealing top cards.
  4. Build by collecting the necessary materials and placing the building card.
  5. Fight a mob by using weapon tokens and comparing numbers of hearts.
  6. Collect a weapon by placing character next to the tokens
  7. The first scoring round occurs when a player mines the first layer of blocks.
  8. Second scoring round occurs when the second layer is mined.
  9. Third scoring round occurs when the third layer is mined.
  10. After the third scoring round the game will end.
  11. The player with the most experience points wins!

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Minecraft Builders & Biomes below:

  • Wooden Blocks x64
  • Building and Monster cards x64
  • Weapon Tokens x35
  • Player Boards x4
  • Experience Counters x4
  • Character Skins x4
  • Game Piece Bases x4
  • Overview Cards x12
  • Block Base
  • Support Structure
  • Instructions

Additional information

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Game Length

Medium (30-90 mins)


City Building, Fantasy


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