Strategy Battle Game Rules Manual: Middle-Earth


Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game is a tabletop game that takes players through events from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.  This is your opportunity to be in control of your favourite armies, heroes, villains and to recreate iconic scenes!

This 208-page hardback manual is the essential guide to the hobby of assembling, painting and playing with Middle-earth models.

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Strategy Battle Game Rules Manual: Middle-Earth provides an description of the hobby of painting, collecting and playing with Middle-earth miniatures. Learn about the items needed, how to choose your army, understanding the rules and setting up your battlefield.

There is also information regarding narrative play, open play and matched play throughout.

Strategy Battle Game Rules Contents

Find all the rules that you will need to play Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game below:

– Basic Principles: this section explains things that any newcomer may find daunting.
– Turn Sequence: turns are divided into five different phases known as Priority, Movement, Shoot, Fight and Courage.
– Monsters: this section covers all special rules for different types of monsters.
– Weapons & Wargear: This section explains different weapons and wargear available including close combat, equipment missile and armour.
– Magical Powers: certain models have magical abilities and this section will explain casting, targeting and resisting those powers.
– Special Rules: this section refers to all special rules which will appear on model profiles.
– Advanced Rules: these rules cover passengers, water features, carrying objects and more to help recreate scenes.
– Siege Engines: rules including threats, movement, upgrades, firing and crew.
– Sieges: basic rules so players are able to create their own sieges using models.

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