Battle Companies: Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game


Pit your warbands against one another in 18 different Scenarios using this incredible Battle Companies expansion! Including all the rules required, a host of races, different factions, multiple equipment options, wargear upgrades and so much more.

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This book contains all of the rules needed to play games of Battle Companies, including a host of races and factions, wargear upgrades, equipment options and much more.

Battle Companies is an expansion that enables players to assemble their small groups of Warriors that will progress into unique warbands through playing multiple games. Create your very own Heroes or Villains of Middle-earth and turn them into legends through the deeds performed on the battlefield.

This book also expands on content from previous versions and brings new material previously available in White Dwarf magazine.

Battle Companies Contents

Find the contents for this expansion below:

  • 38 different Battle Companies each with their own abilities, special rules and advancements
  • Full rules for advancing members also including injury tables, progression charts, armouries and more
  • Eight paths for warbands to follow and progress through experience
  • 18 Matched Play Scenarios to be played with two opposing companies
  • Two different campaigns, narrative and map based
  • Additional rules for using Battle Company in larger games

For this expansion a copy of the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game Rules Manual is required as well the Armies of The Lord of the Rings and the Armies of The Hobbit. Both the templates are also available as free downloads on the Games Workshop webstore product page.

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