Middenheim Maulers Team (Blood Bowl Team)

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  • Combine the best of Human, Dwarf, and Halfling players
  • Mixed teams offer new challenges and fun modelling opportunities
  • Customise your team with two sets of balls, turn markers and coins

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Mixed hybrid teams are legal again under NAF rules, formed from a mix of different races and cultures. The great cities of the Old World have produced some fantastic teams, and the Middenheim Marauders are an excellent example. The combination of Human, Dwarf and Halfling players creates new strengths and eliminates old weaknesses to forge something greater than the sum of its parts.

Old World Alliance teams are assembled from players across a variety of races and cultures, united by the place they call home. Each of them brings their own skills – Human flexibility, Dwarf toughness and strength, and Halfling, er… greasy slipperiness and cooking skills. If you’re looking for challenges as well as tactical opportunities, look no further than the Middenheim Maulers.

This multipart plastic kit contains components from the existing Human, Dwarf and Halfling team sets. You’ll be able to build 3 unique Halfling Hopefuls, 3 Human Linemen, 1 Human Blitzer, 1 Human Thrower, 3 Dwarf Blockers, 1 Dwarf Runner, 1 Dwarf Blitzer, and 1 Dwarf Troll Slayer. You’ll also get 3 Dwarf and 3 Human balls, plus one each of Human and Dwarf team tokens and turn markers! You’ll also find an Old World Alliance transfer sheet and 15 32mm Blood Bowl bases.

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