Mice and Mystics


In Mice and Mystics players will take on the role of mice who were once loyal people to the king. You must escape the most powerful enemy, Vanestra, by racing through the castle that is now larger than ever before.

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Mice and Mystics is an adventure game for 1-4 players aged 7 years or over. The kingdom of Owendale has been taken over by Vanestra who has put her minions in control. Players must work together as they have been turned into mice and must warn the king before its too late to protect the rest.

Seek out the weaknesses of Vanestra and complete objectives to defeat her once and for all. However, challenges will be faced as you race against the clock for survival of the kingdom. If that wasn’t bad enough already there is also a housecat on the loose, so be warned. Players will win the game of Mice and Mystics if they are able to defeat the enemy and spend their precious cheese wisely before time runs out!

Mice and Mystics Gameplay

A brief overview on how to play Mice and Mystics has been provided below:

  • The game begins by players choosing a story chapter and a mouse they wish to control.
  • Set up the appropriate tiles and place your figures according to the chapter you have chosen.
  • The storybook included within the game states how many rooms you will need to get through and how long you have to do so.
  • To move your character you will have to combine your dice roll values with your movement rating and move the total spaces.
  • During fights you will need to roll the set amount of dice found on your card.
  • Cheese tokens allow you to level up, use special abilities and share with other players.
  • Players win when they complete their objectives before time runs out!

Game Components

Below is a list of the full components for Mice and Mystics:

  • Rulebook
  • Story Book
  • 8 Dual-Sided Room Tiles
  • Story Control Board
  • 5 Action Dice
  • 22 Figures
  • 47 Small Cards
  • 89 Large Cards
  • 6 Mouse Hero Cards
  • 3 Sheets of Die-Cute Counters

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