Miasmic Malignifier (Death Guard)


Turn the planet into a garden for Grandfather Nurgle with this multipart plastic kit! This is a Death Guard piece of terrain capable of pumping toxic gases into the atmosphere and causing many to suffer.

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This multipart plastic kit contains all the components to assemble the Miasmic Malignifier. Decorated with swaying plague burners and tainted bells, the Miasmic Malignifier belches thick clouds of fumes from it’s rusted chimneys. Planting like spores across the target worlds, they are parasites which suck the filth from the ground and latch on to local infrastructures so that they can pollute the world on every level.

The putrescent fog makes it even harder to kill the Death Guard. The Malignifier is that contagious and foul that even nearby enemies will greatly suffer. If one was to get destroyed, the furnace will burst in a putrid explosion.

Spread your toxic presence across each and every world with this miniature. Made up of both the main chimney and smaller pox furnace, this is a great way to bring the curses of Nurgle to your tabletop. It has been designed to sit neatly on the Sector Mechanicus Ferratonic Furnace, creating a truly immense engine full of corruption.

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Miasmic Malignifier Components

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  • Plastic Components x55

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