Merchants Cove


Operate your very own shop using a unique set of components in Merchants Cove! However, only the wealthiest merchant will be declared the winner.

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Merchants Cove is a fun eurogame where every player takes on the role of different fantasy merchants, all with their own unique shop. The merchants will sell their goods to all the arriving adventurers at the market in the Five Realms. Each player will use their own specific components and mechanisms in order to produce goods, increase efficiency, and earn money!

Merchants Cove is recommended for 1-4 players aged 14 years or over.

Merchants Cove Gameplay

Although the merchants work alone in their shops, they are also competing against fellow players to attract customers, influence their demands and even secure sponsorships. To help them out merchants are able employ local townsfolk to come work in their shops as staff. Another option for those who dare to cut corners, is gaining leverage from the corrupt lair of rogues, but it will come at a cost. After spending three days at the markets, the richest merchant will be declared the winner!

Game Components

Find the full list of game components below:

  • Player Boards x5
  • Rulebook x5
  • 3D Cardboard Ships x6
  • Meeples x47
  • Cards x99
  • Corruption Cards x60
  • Markers x8
  • Cloth Bags x2
  • Solo Mode Cards x18
  • Miniatures x5
  • Cardboard Decanter
  • Cardboard Racks x4
  • Plastic Marbles x26
  • Ichor Extracts x4
  • Goods x84
  • Plastic Standees x60
  • Dice x12
  • Staff Boards x4
  • Plastic Ships x4
  • Coins x12
  • Cursed Compass
  • Fragment Tiles x10
  • Tokens x7

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Game Length

Medium (30-90 mins)


Pirates, Economic, Nautical


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