Melusai Ironscale (Daughters Of Khaine)


Use great powers and claim hearts with the incredible Daughters of Khaine Hero, Melusai Ironscale. Inspire fellow warriors as you turn the enemy into living crystal as they suffer the horrendous fate of being forever frozen and conscious!

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Melusai Ironscale are terrifying leaders capable of turning their victims into statues of living crystal. They leave their enemies with the horrendous fate of forever remaining frozen while conscious. Armed with Bladed Staves they cause deadly effects whether at range or in melee and inspire their fellow warriors.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar is a fantasy war tabletop game set in the magic-filled Mortal Realms. The world full of both monsters and heroes experiences nothing but eternal war between the Gods, all determined to get exactly what they want. Collect, build and paint your unique armies before introducing them to battles and watching the action commence!

The Grand Alliance of Order make up armies full of of heroes who seek to reclaim the Mortal Realms. No matter their motives, all warriors are determined to see the return of their glory and destroy the Grand Alliances of Death, Chaos and Destruction.

Use the Citadel Colour System to bring this spectacular hero to life. Decide your painting methods and unleash your creativity with simple steps to follow. With a huge variety of vibrant colours to choose from you will be able to make your miniature completely unique and ready for future battles of Warhammer Age of Sigmar!

Melusai Ironscale Components

The full list of game components for Melusai Ironscale is below:

  • 20x Plastic Components
  • Citadel 40mm Round Base

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