Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power


Take on the roles of Marvel villains such as Hela, Thanos, Taskmaster and more in this edition of Villainous. Players will go against mighty heroes such as Thor and Spiderman to achieve unique objectives and win the game!

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Marvel Villainous is a strategy board game where 2-4 players aged 12 years or over will be given unique objectives that need completing. Players will take on roles of the evil Hela, Killmonger, Thanos, Ultron and Taskmaster as they go up against powerful heroes including Captain America and Iron Man.

The aim of the game is to take over and dominate the Marvel universe as it’s now the villains time to shine. Using cards and actions players will need to achieve their personal objectives to achieve global destruction and win the game.

Marvel Villainous includes easy-to-learn instructions so that gameplay can begin straight away. Enjoy the spectacular miniatures and highly detailed how to play video below and begin playing with your group of Marvel fans!

Marvel Villainous Gameplay

A brief overview on how to play Marvel Villainous will be provided below:

  1. On a players turn they will Move their Villain, Perform Actions and Draw Cards.
  2. Players must move their villain to another location excluding event or other players domain.
  3. Actions include Gain Power, Play a Card, Activate, Relocate, Vanquish, Fate and Discard Cards.
  4. Once a player has performed their options they will draw new cards until they have four in their hand.
  5. The game will end when a player fulfils their Villains objective and win!

Game Components

We have provided the full list of game components below:

  • Movers x5
  • Villain Guides x5
  • Villain Domains x5
  • Unique Fate Decks x5
  • Shared Fate Deck
  • Soul Mark and Power Tokens
  • Power Vault

How to Play Marvel Villainous

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Medium (30-90 mins)


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