Lyrior Uthralle (Lumineth Realm-Lords)


Lyrior Uthralle is known by many titles – Lord Regent Supreme, Voice of the Lord Phoenix, Warden of Ymetrica – for he is no typical lord of the Vanari. He’s the figurehead for all of the Tyrionic nations of Hysh, both speaking and acting with the authority of the twin god Tyrion.

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If you seek a worthy commander for your armies on the battlefield, look no further than this consummate warrior and supernally gifted leader of the Lumineth. Armed with his Daemonbane lance, Lyrior Uthralle will sear through all who oppose you with effortless ease.

Lyrior Uthralle may be a legendary hero of the Lumineth, but he’s not the only Lord Regent who leads the glittering ranks of the Lumineth into battle riding atop a lightcourser steed. The kit can alternatively be assembled as a Lord Regent of your own creation – perfect for tooling up with artefacts to suit your army’s preferred fighting style.

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar


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