Warriors of Minas Tirith: LOTR


Minas Tirith’s armies are well disciplined, superbly equipped and trained warriors . Led by veterans, they wield a variety of weapons to defend the White City and protect the lands from invasion!

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Warriors of Minas Tirith are considered to be the greatest of all the realms of Men due to being disciplined, well equipped and led by veterans. Each warrior has been trained to wield various weapons including swords, bows and the deadly knight’s lance. It is their job to defend the walls of the White City from the legions of Mordor and protect the lands from all threats of invasion.

Minas Tirith was once a city of Gondor originally known as Minas Anor and also referred to as the White City. Now the capital of Gondor, it is home to kings and ruling stewards who are in need of protection. Explore the world of the Middle-earth with the strategy game and use these Warriors of Minas Tirith to enter battle and protect the lands!

This set contains 24 individual miniatures all armed with weaponry and armour .They each come with their own bases and require assembling and painting. We recommend Citadel Paints and Glue for the best results. There is a huge variety of paints to choose from, so get creative and bring your miniatures to life and ready for any battles that may commence!

Warriors of Minas Tirith Components

Find the full list of components for Warriors of Minas Tirith below:

  • Components x32
  • 25mm Round Bases x24

These warriors are armed with bows, swords, spears and shields.

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