Warg Riders: LOTR


Introduce the gigantic evil wolves and their riders to your The Lord of the Rings collection. These riders will scout ahead of the main armies and tear down the enemy with bestial fury!

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Warg Riders are a group of Orcs that swarm in packs far ahead of all main armies and tear down the enemy. Wargs are massive and dangerous wolves with a cunning intelligence that spy out the land and pick on the unfortunate. The riders first appear throughout the Battle of Five Armies where they successfully killed multiple Men and Dwarves before being defeated. The Orcs residing in the Misty Mountains supposedly have some control over the Wargs who live there, but most riders are loyal to the evil leaders of Mordor.

Expand your armies of evil and help Sauron on his mission to take control and rule over the Middle-earth. The Warg Riders are best distinguishable by their armour, which is little beyond bone, fur and even the remains of the Wargs kill. Get creative and use the Citadel glue and paints to bring these terrifying creatures to life. Discover a huge range of paints that have all been designed specifically for miniature painting and prime your new army ready for future battles of The Lord of the Rings!

This set contains components for 6 Warg Riders with 2 armed with spears, 2 with bows and 2 with swords.

Warg Riders Components

Find the full list of components below:

  • Plastic Warg Riders x6
  • 40mm Round Bases x6

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