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Thorin Oakenshield and Company includes the dwarf of noble birth and heir to all the treasures of Erebor. He is on a mission to safely lead his kinsmen to The Lonely Mountain where he will reclaim the wealth that lies there!

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Thorin Oakenshield and Company are a detailed collection of dwarves including Thorin Oakenshield, Oin the Dwarf, Balin the Dwarf, Gloin the Dwarf, Dori the Dwarf, Ori the Dwarf, Nori the Dward, Fili the Dwarf, Kili the Dwarf, Bombur the Dwarf, Dwalin the Dwarf, Bifur the Dwarf and Bofur the Dwarf. Every dwarf carries a unique piece of weaponry with them to battle. For example, Thorin Oakenshield is armed with a sword and Bofur has a ladle and meat cleaver.

Also included in this set are miniatures of Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf the Grey. Bilbo Baggins has the option of two variant arms, one gripping Sting and the other holding his walking staff. Gandalf the Grey is posed leaning upon his staff, reaching forward and wearing his pointy hat, robe, scarf and sword.

Using the Citadel Colour System you can discover a huge variety of paints that have been specifically designed for miniature painting. Once assembled using the Citadel glue, get creative and make your new collection of dwarves completely unique. Now your miniatures are primed and ready, introduce them to all your future battles of The Lord of the Rings!

Thorin Oakenshield and Company Components

Find the full list of components for Thorin Oakenshield and Company below:

  • Components x28
  • 25mm Round Bases x15

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