Mordor Troll: LOTR


Trolls of Mordor were bred by Sauron to withstand the light of the sun. They are now bigger and stronger than ever before, making them essential to the armies of the Dark Lord!

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The Mordor Troll was bred by the evil Sauron to withstand the sun and not turn to stone.  These monsters are bigger and much stronger and are amongst the armies of the Dark Lord. Trolls are a very large and unintelligent humanoid race found within the Middle-earth and are often used as to move gigantic siege machines.

Mordor is a volcanic plain located in the southeast of the Middle-earth and was chosen by Sauron to become his realm due to the mountain ranges surrounding it, creating a great natural fortress against all his enemies. Sauron is the main antagonist throughout Lord of the Rings, allowing players to play both evil and good sides of the famous scenes. He has ambition to rule the whole of the Middle-earth and needs these Mordor Trolls to help him succeed!

This box set allows you to assemble a Isengard Troll, Mordor Troll or Mordor Troll Drummer. Each come with options of four different weapons, heads and armour to customise your Troll. Weapons include sword, hammer, drum and mace.

Get creative and use the Citadel Colour System to bring your large and monstrous troll to life. There is a wide variety of different colours to choose from to make your miniature both unique and ready for future battles of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit!

Mordor Troll Components

Find the full list of components for Mordor Troll below:

  • Plastic Components
  • Weapon Options x4
  • 60mm Round Base

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