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The Great Eagles make impressive additions for all The Lord of the Rings collections. Extend your armies of good with these incredible creatures and hunt far and wide around the Misty Mountains!

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Great Eagles belong to the armies of good and hunt far and wide around the Misty Mountains. They are impressive additions to any The Lord of the Rings collection and are covered in detailed feathers to feature a determined and noble expression. They have been sent to the Middle-earth in order to keep an eye out for any potential threats including Vala Morgoth and Sauron.

With wings out wide and their talons extended out in front of them they pose as if they are about to swoop down upon a poor unsuspecting individual. They often help Wizards, Elves and Men during their quests to defeat the evil and also act as messengers due to their capability of speech. Referred to as the ‘King of all Birds’, they have helped defeat goblins and even appeared during the Battle of the Morannon.

Bring these incredible Great Eagles to life and prime them ready for battle using the Citadel glue and paint. The Colour System offers you a wide range of incredible colours designed specifically for miniature painting so that you can make your models completely unique. Once done, add them to your future tabletop games of the Middle-earth!

Great Eagles Components

Find the full list of components for Great Eagles below:

  • Components x16
  • Large Flying Bases x2
  • Ball Socket Stems

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